Private world issue


New member
Nov 23, 2019
Now I know I have sometimes been a bit impatient with the whole idea of me asking when private worlds will come back but I feel like I have been patient long enough and I want to spread more awareness of the problem with how the people who bought private worlds have been treated. (This isn’t meant to bash corbacraft but demand rights)

Private worlds were a thing long ago that were sold with real money where a player could buy and have their own small private world where only they could play on. It was as well advertised as reset friendly which means it wouldn’t reset.

As soon they were sold the private worlds, it suffered problems where the commands didn’t work and the borders were gone, and as soon a reset came not only it resetted, they full on got rid of private worlds... months later we finially gotten it back and although there were some issues they fixed it and it was great! Then a reset came and they got rid of private worlds again... aground six months and with every update they say it will come soon just to be disappointed.

Now you may ask why did I make this stupid long post? Well I just want to be given more information of why we have not gotten our private worlds and why they can’t be reset friendly? I mean the new philia city won’t reset so why not my own small world that I paid for?! Sorry if I am coming off as mean but I been part of corbacraft for nearly 4-5 years and I feel scammed and not connected to the community at all so I just beg that you try to connect and tell what’s happening please.